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Corner Brush PIpette Brush Utility Brushes

flask brush

White, natural bristles are mounted on a flexible handle. Good design for cleaning volumetric flasks. Angled handle flexes conveniently to reach past narrow necks. The narrow shaft easily fits deep inside larger flasks and bottles.

Code Fits Flask Brush Head Overall Length Price
120-30240 250 ml 8.9 cm 30.5 cm $6.25
120-30242 500 ml 10.2 cm 35.6 cm $6.80
120-30244 1000 ml 12.5 cm 42.5 cm $7.35

beaker brush

Completely rounded tip provides safe, effective cleaning for wide mouth glassware, including beakers, jars and cylinders. Extra dense natural black bristles are mounted on twisted wires into a durable handle.
Model 120-30172 has 7.5 cm brush diameter, 15 cm brush length, 40 cm total length and two rows of bristles.
Mode 120-30174 has 6.3 cm brush diameter, 12.5 cm brush length and 31.5 cm total length and 4 rows of bristles.

#120-30172: Beaker Brush, 15 cm $5.95
#120-30174: Beaker Brush, 12.5 cm $7.50

bottle brush

Black nylon bristles with radial end, in wire handle.
For large bottles and cylinders.

#120-30132: Bottle Brush, 5″ Bristle x 2″ Diameter, 13″ Overall $3.55
#120-30134: Bottle Brush, 5″ Bristle x 2″ Diameter, 17″ Overall $4.95
#120-30136: Bottle Brush, 6″ Bristle x 2-3/8″ Diameter, 20″ Overall $9.05

buret brush

Unbleached white hog bristles on galvanized wire with fan style tip.

Code Total Length Brush length Brush Diameter Price
120-30101 90 cm 9 cm 1.6 cm $4.95
120-30104 90 cm 13 cm 3 cm $6.50
120-30106 90 cm 12 cm 1.1 cm $4.95

test tube brush

Twisted into heavy, galvanized wire with radially tufted tip.

Code Tube Diameter Brush length Brush Diameter Price
120-30024 9-13 mm 7.6 cm 1.3 cm $2.15
120-30020 13-16 mm 9 cm 2 cm $2.55
120-30022 18-25 mm 10 cm 3.5 cm $2.70

pipette brush

Tapering bristles from 1/4" to 3/4" x 7 1/2" Length. Overall length is 17".

#B17: Pipette Brush $8.95

utility brush
utility brush

These are excellent acid-proof brushes for all types of scrubbing, including fish tanks, wheels, floors, boats, sumps, etc. The fill (bristles) are 2" long for deep cleaning and the handles are solid polyproylene plastic.
BU1: Width is 3", Length is 8.5"
BU2: Width is 3", Length is 20"

#BU1: Utility Brush with 5" Handle $11.95
#BU2: Utility Brush with 17" Handle $15.95

Scrub brush

Tackle the toughest cleaning jobs.
- Easy to grip for better scrub control.
- Crimped polypropylene bristles resist acid, mildew and bacteria.
- Tough bristles for aggressive scrubbing.

#H5365: Industrial Scrub Brush $6.75

scouring pads

Green in color. 6 inch x 9 inch.

#96: Scouring Pad $0.95
#96C: Scouring Pad, Case of 100 $72.00

algae pads

These handheld algae pads are ideal for removing unsightly algae from tanks, aquariums, etc. Material is easily washed and long lasting. White algae pads will not scratch acrylic and plexi-glass tanks. Blue algae pads are very coarse and will scratch acrylic surfaces; however, they are ideal for glass, polyethylene and hard surfaces.

#AG3: 3" x 3" Blue Scrub Pad $5.15
#AG3A: 3" x 3" White Scrub Pad $5.15
#AG4: 4" x 6" Blue Scrub Pad $9.75
#AG4A: 4" x 6" White Scrub Pad $9.75

scrub pad

This heavy-duty scrub pad is acrylic safe and mounted on a molded ABS back for tough cleaning. Swivel-joint handle keeps the pad flat on the surface regardless of the angle-great for hard-to-reach spots. Perfect for large tanks and public displays. Pad is 10" L x 4-1/2" W x 1" thick.

#SCR57: Mullti-Purpose Scrubber $33.00
#SCR58: Relacement Pad $4.75

Extendable Pole

Designed for use with pond and tank vacuums, scrub brushes and other attachments with plastic locking bi-pins.
Telescoping aluminum pole is 8 feet in length with 1-1/4" O.D. Made in USA.

#BH75: Extendable Pole $25.25

scrub pad

Perfect for cleaning algae from aquarium and tank walls. Handle is approximately 15" long. For use with acrylic and glass tanks.

#AG5B: Algae Scrubber $14.75

scrub brush

The Algae Brush tool is ideal for removing algae in hard to reach corners and crevices. The stiff nylon cone brush can handle tough algae with ease. The telescopic handle extends from 28" to 46".

AB-01: Telescoping Algae Brush $23.75

corner brush

The corner brush is designed to clean corners, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas. It has synthetic bristles and the handle has a 45-degree angle design. For a long reach, the brush has a connection that allows attachment to a male threaded broom handle or telescopic pole.

CB003: Corner Brush $17.95

boat brush

Extra stiff bristles. Bi-level feature allows for better cleaning of corners and sides. 10″ Width.
Handle not included.

#FR690: 10″ Deck Brush $21.00

deck brush
deck brush

Sturdy 4.5 inch round foam block with soft tampico fill is water absorbent. Excellent for washing windows and surfaces with delicate finishes. Can be used with threaded or tapered handles or extension pole. Handle not included.

Inquire for a selection of handles and other brushes.

#FR653: 4.5″ Round Brush $12.95
#FR660: 4.5″ Round Brush, with Soft Bristles $11.75