Disinfection Mat Sanitizing Foot Mat Virkon Aquatic
Chloramine-T Disinfection Mat Sanitizing Foot Mat Virkon Aquatic


Mats keep hygienic areas free of contamination and germs. Ideal for food processing plants, hatcheries, farm sites or anywhere that control of contamination is required. These mats have thousands of pliable rubber scrapers that dislodge contaminants from footwear as the shoe soles are immersed in the disinfectant solution.

The 61 x 81.3 cm (24 x 32") mat is 1.3 cm (1/2") thick and holds 3.8 L (1 gal.) of disinfectant solution. The 81.3 x 99 cm (32 x 39") tall-wall mat has 6.4 cm (2-1/2") sides that allow it to hold up to 20.8 L (5.5 gal.) of sanitizing solution such as Ovadine. When used to fill the mat, the solution will totally immerse the treads and sides of boot soles, while the fingertips release any accumulations.

#RM2: Sanitizing Foot Mat, 24″ x 32″ $119.00
#RM3: Sanitizing Foot Mat, 32″ x 39″ $229.00


Ideal For use with Virkon® Aquatic solutions. Use as disinfecting foot baths at fish hatcheries and farms. The Disinfecting Foot Mats are designed to be used with Virkon® Aquatic solutions. When used with the disinfecting solution, the mats will disinfect a person's footwear before entering a controlled area. The unique design reduces evaporation of the solution and it also helps to reduce contamination of the disinfectant. These mats feature a permeable upper fabric, which enables disinfection of shoes, and boots. The bottom and sides are made of non-permeable material to prevent leakage or leaching of the disinfection solution. Simply pour disinfecting solution onto the top to fill.

Two sizes available:
33 X 33 inches (85 by 85 cm) and is 1.2 inches (3 cm) deep. It will hold 2.65 gallons (12 liters) of Virkon® Aquatic disinfecting solution.

34 x 24 inches (86 by 60 cm) and is 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep. It will hold up to 2 gallons (8 liters) of Virkon® Aquatic disinfecting solution.

#MAT8585: Disinfection Mat, 85 cm x 85 cm $225.00
#MAT8660: Disinfection Mat, 86 cm x 60 cm $175.00


Virkon® is a fast acting disinfectant that has been shown to be effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Formulation specially designed for fish culture. Meets the stringent requirements of both Health Canada and the US EPA. Independently proven broad-spectrum efficacy against a wide range of fish pathogens. Fast acting. Environmentally friendly. Exceptional safety profile. New convenient 10 kg size.


#VK-AQUA: Virkon 10 Kg Pail $405.00


Chloramine-T is a highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant. Typically used as an antiseptic and odor control agent. It can also eradicate parasites and bacteria when cleaning tanks and equipment. 22 lb. container.


#C10232E: Chloramine-T, 5 Kg Pail $245.00
#C10232F: Chloramine-T, 22 lb Container $450.00