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This reasonably priced bag filter vessel is designed to allow high flow rates through a single reusable bag filter. It is rated at 75 gpm for clean water (for particulate-laden water and/or to extend time between cleanings, we recommend a design flowrate below 40 gpm). For higher flows, use two or more in parallel. To further extend time between cleaning, place a larger micron filter before a smaller micron filter in series. The vessel is made of polypropylene with a threaded lid, O-ring and removable internal basket for easy bag removal. This vessel has 2" FNPT inlet and outlet and 1/4" FNPT lid vent and weighs 10 lbs. Optional pressure gauges for lid vent are listed below.Bags are 6" dia x 20" length with 2 square feet of surface area. They are fitted with a Polyloc® ring, which seals directly against the filter housing, eliminating any chance of bypass.

Vessels include housing, lid, retainer basket and 2 plastic leg/foot assemblies, easily cut to required height. Optional conical base is also available. Maximum pressure is 100 psi @ 110°F. Made in USA. One-year warranty.

Differential Pressure Gauge: Designed exclusively to supplement pressure gauges used on the FV1 bag filter. It mounts on the mounting pad's vessel located on the opposite side of the inlet port. The window turns red, indicating that it is time to change. Requires a 3/16" drill to install portholes; use only the screws provided. 2" long.

#FV1: Bag Filter Vessel $471.00
#36049: Optional Conical Base $170.00
#BG15: Pressure Gauge, 0-15 PSI, 1/4" NPT $25.15
#LPG30: Pressure Gauge, 0-30 PSI, 1/4" NPT, Liquid Filled $41.85
#BG61: Pressure Gauge, 0-60 PSI, 1/4" NPT $18.90
#VF65: Gauge Adapter & Air Bleed $12.20
#DPG20: Differential Pressure Gauge, 15-20 PSI $38.65
#FV1S: Replacement Lid O-Ring $12.60
#FVV1L: Replacement Threaded Lid $124.00
#36002: Replacement Internal Basket $133.65
#FV1F: Replacemet Legs, Set of 2 $56.70
#VB1: Filter Bag, 1 Micron $11.75
#VB5: Filter Bag, 5 Micronv $11.75
#VB10: Filter Bag, 10 Micron $11.75
#VB25: Filter Bag, 25 Micron $11.75
#VB50: Filter Bag, 50 Micron $11.75
#VB100: Filter Bag, 100 Micron $11.75
#VB200: Filter Bag, 200 Micron $11.75
#VB300: Filter Bag, 300 Micron $11.75
#VB600: Filter Bag, 600 Micron $11.75
#VB800: Filter Bag, 800 Micron $11.75

filter bag

These bags can be used to remove particulate matter after sedimentation or to filter incoming water. The bags are made of monofilament single ply nylon resembling a piece of cloth. All bags are 32" long with a 7" diameter mouth and drawstring top. This allows attachment directly to your water line without the use of an adapter head.

#BAG1: 1 Micron Filter Bag $94.75
#BAG5: 5 Micron Filter Bag $76.75
#BAG10: 10 Micron Filter Bag $69.00
#BAG20: 20 Micron Filter Bag $39.00
#BAG40: 40 Micron Filter Bag $35.00
#BAG75: 75 Micron Filter Bag $23.00
#BAG100: 100 Micron Filter Bag $18.50
#BAG200: 200 Micron Filter Bag $17.25
#BAG300: 300 Micron Filter Bag $16.00
#BAG800: 800 Micron Filter Bag $15.50

filter bag
filter bag

Aquaculture filtration is a huge problem. Flowrates are high and the filtrate is delicate, slimy, organic and can easily become liquified, turning a solid waste problem into a liquid waste problem. Bag filters are very effective at removing organic particulate matter.

The monofilament type is single-ply nylon resembling a piece of cloth or window screen. The felt type is polypropylene, thick and fluffy, giving it three-dimensional filtering ability. Both are washable, but wash the felt type gently.

All bags are 32" long with a 7" diameter mouth and polypropylene ring that fits the optional Celcon® adapter (FBH) perfectly. Made in USA.


This plastic (Celcon®) adapter will thread on to 1-1/2" male thread and provide support and quick bag changes. Fits 7" diameter bags with polypropylene rings.

Nylon Monofilament Bags:
#FB1N: 1 Micron Filter Bag $98 .00
#FB5N: 5 Micron Filter Bag $83.00
#FB10N: 10 Micron Filter Bag $81.00
#FB20N: 20 Micron Filter Bag $47.00
#FB40N: 40 Micron Filter Bag $39.00
#FB75: 75 Micron Filter Bag $23.00
#FB100N: 100 Micron Filter Bag $23.00
#FB200: 200 Micron Filter Bag $21.25
#FB300: 300 Micron Filter Bag $17.25
#FB800: 800 Micron Filter Bag $16.50
Felt Bags, Polypropylene:
#FB1: 1 Micron Filter Bag $12.00
#FB5: 5 Micron Filter Bag $9.50
#FB10: 10 Micron Filter Bag $10.50
#FB25: 25 Micron Filter Bag $10.50
#FB50: 50 Micron Filter Bag $10.50
#FB100 100 Micron Filter Bag $10.30
#FBH: Filter Bag Adapter $33.00

stainless screen

304 stainless steel screening can be used for the same applications as nylon but offers better rigidity and durability. All stainless screening is 48" (121 cm) wide and sold in increments of 1 foot (30.4 cm). Each foot increment equals 4 sq.ft. (.37 m2 ).

#MS105: 105 Micron, 37% Open Area $37.50 / Foot
#MS125: 125 Micron, 31% Open Area $36.50 / Foot
#MS180: 180 Micron, 32% Open Area $27.00 / Foot
#MS250: 250 Micron, 30% Open Area $29.70 / Foot
#MS500: 500 Micron, 37% Open Area $29.70 / Foot
#MS1000: 1000 Micron, 48% Open Area $28.25 / Foot

bio balls

A compact polyethylene media. Select either 98 sq.ft. (CBB15) or 160 sq.ft. (CBB1) of surface area per cuft. Round shape with positive buoyancy. These balls, with their small void spaces, are popular for clean water applications like tropical fish aquariums. Made in USA

#CBB1-F: Bio-Spheres, 1", 160 ft2 Surface Area, Floating $85.00
#CBB1-S: Bio-Spheres, 1", 160 ft2 Surface Area, Sinking $85.00
#CBB15-F: Bio-Spheres, 1-1/2", 98 ft2 Surface Area, Floatingv $89.00
#CBB15-S: Bio-Spheres, 1-1/2", 98 ft2 Surface Area, Sinking $89.00

bio barrels

A polypropylene media available in five sizes. Remember the importance of void space with both heterotrophic fouling and degassing applications. Natural in color. All are positive in buoyancy. Made in USA.

#BF64: Bio-Barrels, 1", Cubic Foot $78.65
#BF44: Bio-Barrels, 1.5", Cubic Foot $61.00
#BF33: Bio-Barrels, 2", Cubic Foot $49.00

Sand Filter

Fiberglass sand filter w/o valves.
Arias 8000 sand filters feature a process that creates a one-piece, reinforced fiberglass shell with a UV-resistant surface finish. Multiport valves, if needed, can be purchased separately. 50 psi maximum pressure. 10-year tank warranty, one-year standard warranty. Ship via motor freight. Made in USA

Click Here For → Sand Filter Specifications and Dimensions

#A8000-100AQ: Arias™ A8000 Filter, 98 GPM $1140.00
#A8000-140AQ: Arias™ A8000 Filter, 140 GPM $1650.00
#VLVMPA-AQ: Multiport Valve, 2" Side Mount $234.00


Mazzei® venturis offer an efficient and reliable way to inject virtually any liquid or gas into water. Widely used for the injection of air, oxygen and ozone. Also compatible with liquids. When installed properly, injectors can transfer ozone into water with efficiencies as high as 99%. These venturi injectors are made of PVDF and are ozone compatible. Mazzei® venturis have no moving parts and provide trouble-free operation. All except V514 include a 1/4" barbed ozone-safe check valve. Maximum operating pressure at 100°F (38°C) is 400 psi. Made in USA.

Inlet/outlet Approx. Flow at
15 psi in/ 5 psi out
Air Suction (cfh) at
15 psi in/ 5 psi out
1/2" MNPT 1 gpm 1
3/4" Barb 4 gpm 5
3/4" MNPT 4 gpm 5
1" MNPT 7 gpm 9
1-1/2" MNPT 31 gpm 72
2" MNPT 57 gpm 394

#V384: 1/2" MNPT $104.00
#V584: 3/4" Barb $84.00
#V978: 1" MNPT $201.00
#V1584: 1-1/2" MNPT $275.00
#V514: 2" MNPT $576.00


Zeolite is an effective means of removing ammonia. It can be used to control ammonia build-up in fresh water recirculating systems, aquaria and transport vehicles. (Does not work well in saltwater). Use 1 gram of Zeolite for every 1.5 mg of ammonia to be removed. For example to remove 1 mg/L (ppm) ammonia from 10 gallons (38 litres) of water, use minimum of 25 grams Zeolite.

#ZAR10: Zeolite, 10 lb Bucket $33.00
#ZAR227: Zeolite, 22.7 Kg Bag $95.00


A superior, high-purity, bituminous coal-based activated carbon designed for water purification. Preferred by public aquariums, research centers and government fisheries. The small particle size (approximately 1/16" to 1/8") provides a large surface area for rapid u ptake and reduces water travel distances to interior adsorption surfaces. Keeps water crystal clear. Adsorbs full range of organic contaminants, pesticides, odors, colors, chlorine, dissolved organics, ozone and many heavy metals. Carbon is dry packed. Can be retained using window screen size mesh. The 15-pound plastic bucket has a resealable lid. Approximately 0.625 / square meter of surface area per gram. Bulk density is approximately 24 lbs / cubic foot.

#C9910: Activated Carbon, 1.5 lb Container $19.95
#C9913: Activated Carbon, 15 lb Bucket $149.00