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hatching jar

It is a clear, high-impact, all-plastic egg hatching system. Simply direct about one gpm of water (depending on the weight of the eggs) into the center. The eggs will be uniformly rotated. The fish hatching jar comes complete with a screen to let the fish swim out. Use it for trout, salmon hybrid striped bass, catfish, tilapia, and many others. Height 18″, diameter 6.25″, volume 23 oz. for approximately 100,000 trout eggs.

JAR HANGER: The all plastic hatching jar hanger allows jars to be used without a bench or separate stand. Accepts up to 1.5″ hanging lip.

#J30: Hatching Jar $164.00
#J6: Replacement Tube $27.25
#J8: Replacement Screen $17.90
#JH: Jar Hanger $26.35

Instant Ocean Instant Ocean

Instant Ocean® salt mix has been preferred by public aquariums and home aquarists for many years. It is scientifically blended to contain every minor and major trace element required to make artificial seawater. Phosphate- and nitrate-free, it dissolves quickly without insoluble residue. Each package of Instant Ocean® salt mix will make a 32-ppt salt solution at listed volume. Contains no chlorine remover.

#IS50: Instant Ocean®, 50 Gallon Mixture $29.00
#IS160: Instant Ocean®, 160 Gallon Mixture $73.00


Virkon® is a fast acting disinfectant that has been shown to be effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Formulation specially designed for fish culture. Meets the stringent requirements of both Health Canada and the US EPA. Independently proven broad-spectrum efficacy against a wide range of fish pathogens. Fast acting. Environmentally friendly. Exceptional safety profile. New convenient 10 kg size.


#VK-AQUA: Virkon 10 Kg Pail $395.00


Vidalife is a specially formulated water conditioner for use in fish hatcheries, broodstock facilities, transport tanks, and on handling equipment and handling surfaces. When applied as directed, Vidalife will help protect fish from abrasions by preserving the fish's natural mucous layer and can be used whenever fish are handled or moved.

• Vidalife is a water conditioner used in fish transport and during any handling events.
• Vidalife forms a coating on contact surfaces to reduce friction and abrasion when handling.
• Vidalife helps to form a protective barrier between fish and handling equipment.
• Vidalife reduces the toxicity of heavy metals.

• Vidalife helps reduce stress and abrasions during any handling process.
• Vidalife may reduce vulnerability to pathogens that may affect a fish as it can enhance a fish's natural protective mucous coat.
• Vidalife binds with heavy metals and harmful chemicals to reduce their toxicity.

#VL10501: Vidalife, 1 Gallon Container $62.00


A high-quality cleaner designed for use in fish hatcheries, aquaculture facilities and fish and food processing plants. Quickly loosens organic soiling, allowing easy removal of biofilm, grease, oils, waste and more.

Biodegradable, nonhazardous, phosphate-free and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). NSF-certified for use in food processing facilities.

#AQU128: Aqualife, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon $45.00

adult board

• Smooth non-porous surface
• 100 cm measuring surface
• Tapered toward the center to hold fish
• Header panel for clipboard
• Lightweight easy to clean plastic
• Tape is embedded in the center
• Tape can be removed and replaced

#5641: Adult Fish Measuring Board $275.00

60 cm board

-This Fish Measuring Board is designed to measure fish quickly and accurately in the field or the laboratory.
-Easy on the fish and easy to use! It floats.
-Made entirely of PVC with marking in mm and cm.
-Overall length is 60" wiith 1 mm divisions. It is white in color with black markings.

#BMB24: 60 cm Measuring Board $115.00

30 cm board

Made of heavy-duty white plastic, this board measures fish up to 30 cm in length. The white plastic base is concave to aid in holding the fish in place. The white base has a 30 cm ruler embedded and a coating of clear plastic to cover and protect the tape ensuring long life.

2 boards (#SB30-IMP) are available with imperial scale (inches). These will be discontinued when stock runs out.

#SB30: Smolt Measuring Board (30 cm) $68.00
#SB30-IMP: Smolt Measuring Board (12 inches) $60.00

fish board

Made of white plastic base with black ruler. This board measures fish up to 30 cm in length. Markings are white at the at mm, 0.5 cm and 1 cm increments.

#5640: Fish Measuring Board (30 cm) $57.75

36 cm board

This white PVC board is accurate, dependable, rugged and lightweight. It has three measuring scales printed on the board to enable you to take accurate measurements:

• 0 to 14 inches, 1/8-inch divisions
• 0 to 14 inches, 1/10-inch divisions
• 0 to 36 cm, 1 mm divisions

Wash with detergent or soap, no abrasives or alcohol.

#118-E40: 36 cm Measuring Board $85.00

75 cm board
75 cm board

Do you need to make quick, accurate fish measurements in the field or laboratory? This sturdy, two-color apparatus is constructed of acrylic plastic and brass with a clear overlay with scales printed on the underside for protection from wear. The brass indicator arm slides easily on a brass bearing over the brass rod. 30" long, 9" wide, with a lip on 3 sides. In both metric and English scales. Packaged in custom box with slide unassembled to eliminate damage in shipping. Ship wt: 10 lbs. Three measuring scales:

• 0 to 30 inches, 1/8-inch divisions
• 0 to 30 inches, 1/10-inch divisions
• 0 to 750 mm, 1 mm divisions

Wash with detergent or soap, no abrasives or alcohol.

#118-B30: 75 cm Measuring Board $439.00

data ruler

100 cm Length. This fish measuring ruler is used by field researchers, biologists, analysts, and observers. Made of non-reflective, non-glare plastic that is waterproof and weatherproof. Can be written on using a pen, pencil, or grease marker. Wipes clean for reuse. Graduated in centimeters on both sides. Dimensions: 4-1/16"W x 29-3/8"L.

#FR1: Fish Data Ruler $35.00

egg picker

MariSource lightweight plastic egg picker. In contrast to the old-fashioned hand-carved wood picker, the MariSource model will save time and eggs, and there are no splinters! The MariSource egg picker features an adjustable opening enables the egg picker to be used with different sized eggs. The long narrow tip reaches those awkwardly positioned eggs embedded in expanded plastic substrates with minimal disturbance to live eggs. The length of the tip can be easily shortened if desired. Overall length of the unit is 12 5/8" (32 cm). The egg picker is constructed of lightweight plastic, impervious to chemicals and solvents. It will not retain bacteria and is easily disinfected, making it sanitary for repeated use. The lightweight plastic material will not sink, a benefit in working around water.

#5665: Fish Egg Picker $17.50

egg counter

The MariSource egg counter is equipped with specially designed indentations. Once eggs are scooped onto the paddle-like surface, they settle readily into even rows. A full counter holds 100 eggs. The egg counter is made of nontoxic, impervious and buoyant material.

#5650: Fish Egg Counter $28.75

zak knife

Slightly blunter tip than the Marisource Knife.
Orange in Color.

#ZAK1: Zak Spawning Knife $3.55
#ZAK25: Zak Spawning Knife, Pkg/25 $85.00
#ZAK100: Zak Spawning Knife, Pkg/100 $315.00


• Vinyl sheath with belt loop.
• Chrome plated.
• Blade Guard

#R-06: Field Dressing Knife $10.50
#R-06BL: Replacement Blade $3.35


Use of hatching substrate during hatching gives higher starting weight, easier start-feeding and better survival. The substrate is delivered in sets of two mats, precut into 40 x 40 cm squares. The Bio-Mat can also be utilized as fry shelter in start-feeding tanks. By placing one of the mats with the spikes towards the bottom of the tank, all the fry will take shelter underneath.

*Please note this is a seasonal item and may require some lead time to ensure delivery by the required date.

#BIOMAT: Biomat, Set of 2 Mats $99.00


Here are two easy to use floating fish graders built to last a lifetime. The sturdy aluminum construction will stand up to rough handling and tough fish. The grader floats at the right depth and the large diameter grader bars pass undersized fish damage free. Size adjustments are quick and accurate from a single lever with locking handle position. In seconds, you may select any of 30 gradations between 1/4 in. (6.4mm) and 1-1/8 in. (29mm) for the G1 and 50 gradations between 5/32 in. (4mm) and 1-3/8 in. (35mm) for the G1B. Grader bars are 1-1/16 in. (27mm) diameter. G1 Inside dimensions - 14 in. L x 15 in. W x 11.5 in. D; Depth to bars 7.5 in. G1B Inside dimensions - 28 in. L x 21 in. W x 16 in. D; Depth to bars - 11 in. Made in USA.

#G1: Small Floating Adjustable Grader $1119.00
#G1B: Large Floating Adjustable Grader $1625.00

bird tape

Effectively keeps birds away from ground crops, fruit trees and vines, and any other area where birds are a nuisance. Holographic, iridescent polyester tape creates a visual discomfort zone for birds and other nuisance animals. Hung in the breeze, it projects flashing reflective images. Birds leave the area promptly and stay away as long as it's there. Even larger animals, such as deer, shy away from it. 100' roll.

#79205: Bird Repeller Ribbon, Roll $15.35


Stainless steel "C" rings are used with the coated wire mesh to make traps and cages. You may also find many other uses around the farm or hatchery for this item. The pliers can be used with both the 3/8" and 1/2" rings.

#WWP: C-Ring Pliers $39.75
#WWF1: 3/8" Rings, Pkg/850 $23.50
#WWF2: 1/2" Rings, Pkg/750 $23.50

tagging gun

tagging needle



The tagging gun uses a needle to insert tags to a depth of 5/8". T-Bar anchor tags in both flag and number styles. The flag tag is 2.5" long with a 3/16" x 3/8" flag (available in 7 colors; blue, yellow, red, orange, dark green, and clear).
The number style is similar without the flag. Numbered tags are yellow or orange with black numbers. Available in 1-100, 1-500 or 1-1000. Colored tags sold in lots of 100 or 1000.

Please note that the numbered tags are not compatible with the fine tagging guns and needles.
The fine tagging guns require fine tags (2" length) and needles.

#TG2: Tagging Gun (Green), Standard $41.00
#TG2-F: Tagging Gun (Red), Fine $46.00
#TG1N: Standard Replacement Needle $6.95
#TG1N-F: Fine (Shorter and Narrower) Replacement Needle $6.75
#FFT9: Regular, Clear Tags, Pkg/100 $1.90
#FFT9-F: Fine, Clear Tags, Box/5000 $35.00
#FFT1: Light-Blue Tags, Pkg/100 $1.99
#FFT3: Yellow Tags, Pkg/100 $1.99
#FFT4: Red Tags, Pkg/100 $1.99
#FFT6: Orange Tags, Pkg/100 $1.99
#FFT7: Green Tags, Pkg/100 $1.99
#FFT10: Blue Tags, Pkg/100 $1.99
#FTN-100: Numbered Tags, Pkg/100 $119.00
#FTN-500: Numbered Tags, Pkg/500 $589.00
#FTN-1000: Numbered Tags, Pkg/1000 $1125.00

scrub pad

This heavy-duty scrub pad is acrylic safe and mounted on a molded ABS back for tough cleaning. Swivel-joint handle keeps the pad flat on the surface regardless of the angle-great for hard-to-reach spots. Perfect for large tanks and public displays. Pad is 10" L x 4-1/2" W x 1" thick.

#SCR57: Mullti-Purpose Scrubber $33.95
#SCR58: Relacement Pad $4.45

scrub pad

Perfect for cleaning algae from aquarium and tank walls. Handle is approximately 15" long. For use with acrylic and glass tanks.

#AG5B: Algae Scrubber $16.15

scrub brush

The Algae Brush tool is ideal for removing algae in hard to reach corners and crevices. The stiff nylon cone brush can handle tough algae with ease. The telescopic handle extends from 28" to 46".

AB-01: Telescoping Algae Brush $26.95

flow meter

These clamp on flow meters are easy to install. Just drill an 11/16″ hole in a horizontal section of your pipe then clamp it on with the two stainless steel clamps provided. Easily disassembled with its O-ring for cleaning. Mount vertically on horizontal pipe at least 10 times the pipe inside diameter from the nearest elbow or pump and 5 times the diameter on the outlet side. For use with freshwater. Dual scale, gpm & lpm.

Part #: Pipe Size Flow Range gpm/lpm Price
FM1: 1″ 5-35 / 20-130 $109.00
FM1A: 1.5″ 20-80 / 80-300 $109.00
FM2: 2″ 30-140 / 120-550 $109.00
FM2A: 2.5″ 40-200 / 160-750 $109.00
FM3: 3″ 80-350 / 300-1300 $109.00
FM4: 4″ 4150-600 / 600-2200 $109.00


For entrances to hatcheries, farm sites or anywhere that control of contamination is required. Flexible rubber fingers scrub the boot or shoe soles while bending to immerse them in a disinfecting solution. Size: 24″ x 32″ (60 x 80) cm or Size: 32″ x 39″ (80 x 98) cm. . Small mat holds up to 1 gallon (3.8 litres) of sanitizer.

#RM2: Sanitizing Foot Mat, 24″ x 32″ $119.00
#RM3: Sanitizing Foot Mat, 32″ x 39″ $229.00


Ideal For use with Virkon® Aquatic solutions. Use as disinfecting foot baths at fish hatcheries and farms. The Disinfecting Foot Mats are designed to be used with Virkon® Aquatic solutions. When used with the disinfecting solution, the mats will disinfect a person's footwear before entering a controlled area. The unique design reduces evaporation of the solution and it also helps to reduce contamination of the disinfectant. These mats feature a permeable upper fabric, which enables disinfection of shoes, and boots. The bottom and sides are made of non-permeable material to prevent leakage or leaching of the disinfection solution. Simply pour disinfecting solution onto the top to fill.

Two sizes available:
33 X 33 inches (85 by 85 cm) and is 1.2 inches (3 cm) deep. It will hold 2.65 gallons (12 liters) of Virkon® Aquatic disinfecting solution.

34 x 24 inches (86 by 60 cm) and is 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep. It will hold up to 2 gallons (8 liters) of Virkon® Aquatic disinfecting solution.

#MAT8585: Disinfection Mat, 85 cm x 85 cm $269.00
#MAT8660: Disinfection Mat, 86 cm x 60 cm $195.00


Controls sea gulls, crows, blackbirds, pigeons, sparrows and others. Its low price will be paid for many times over through a reduction in losses. This 20" diameter "predator eye" has been widely used with a great deal of success. Six reflective eyes surround the ball mimicking owls and hawks.

#PB1-Y: Predator Balloon, Yellow $13.50
#PB1-W: Predator Balloon, White $13.50
#PB1-B: Predator Balloon, Black $13.50