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centrifuge tubes

These disposable tubes are available in both 15 and 50 ml sizes. They are made of clear polypropylene that is fully autoclavable. All screw-on caps are flat for easy labeling.

#21008-103A: Centrifuge Tubes, 15 ml, Sterile, Pkg/50 $39.50
#21008-103: Centrifuge Tubes, 15 ml, Sterile, Pkg/500 $345.00
#21008-178A: Centrifuge Tubes, 50 ml, Sterile, Pkg/25 $22.50
#21008-178: Centrifuge Tubes, 50 ml, Sterile, Pkg/500 $379.00

snap cap tube

These nonstick, graduated, polypropylene tubes withstand forces as high as 14,000g and may be used between 90°C and 140°C. With flat caps and frosted areas on the sides for easy labeling. Leakproof snap caps may be penetrated by a syringe. Easy-to-open caps will not pop open during autoclaving. All tubes are non-sterile.

#20170-315: 0.5 ml, Natural, Pkg/500 $73.00
#20170-650: 1.5 ml, Natural, Pkg/250 $46.00
#20170-666: 1.5 ml, Assorted Colors, Pkg/250 $46.00

snap cap tube

These tubes incorporate a high-strength wall and can be centrifuged to 35,000g. Tubes also feature flat, pierceable, frosted caps and a side labeling surface. Tubes fit all common rotors. Steam autoclavable to 122°C and freezable to 90°C.

#20170-038: 1.5 Micro-Tubes, Pkg/500 $38.00

screw cap tubes

These clear polypropylene tubes are ideal for sample processing applications. Excellent for freezer storage or secure sample handling. Screw caps incorporate silicone O-rings for a leak-proof seal and accept color-coded inserts. Inserts snap into the top of the cap and create a flush surface. Caps and tubes are steam autoclavable. Sterile tubes are gamma irradiated. Maximum RCF: 20,000g

Sterile tubes are packed 50 per bag, 10 bags per pack. Additional screw caps and inserts are available in a variety of colors.

Screw Cap Tubes with Purple O-Ring Caps and Assorted Color-Coded Inserts.

Code Volume Style Price/500
89004-280 0.5 ml Conical Bottom Nonsterile $213.75
89004-282 0.5 ml Conical Bottom Sterile $276.00
89004-284 0.5 ml Freestanding Nonsterile $195.00
89004-286 0.5 ml Freestanding Sterile $211.00
89004-324 2.0 ml Conical Bottom NonSterile $239.00
89004-326 2.0 ml Conical Bottom Sterile $279.00
89004-308 2.0 ml Freestanding NonSterile $239.00
89004-310 2.0 ml Freestanding Sterile $209.00

Inquire for colored screw caps and replacement color-coded cap inserts. Tubes are also available in 1.5 ml size.

tube racks

Microcentrifuge Tube Racks:

Microcentrifuge tube or cryo-vial storage system for 1.7mL and 2.0mL sizes. Autoclavable and freezable. Racks float in your water bath and can accommodate dry ice for use with frozen samples on the bench. Stackable. Supplied with hinged storage box. The 24 place racks are sold in packages of 10 and the 48 place racks in packages of 5.

#24270-200: 24-Place Rack w/ Hinged Box, Pkg of 10 $49.00
#24270-230: 48-Place Rack w/ Hinged Box, Pkg of 5 $49.00
tube box

Cryo Box With 100 Place Divider:

PolarSafe™ cryo/freezer boxes and dividers are made of sturdy white cardboard, with a moisture-repellent coating to protect from the effects of liquid nitrogen or condensation from refrigerated equipment. Boxes are sized to fit all standard stainless-steel and polycarbonate storage systems. Small holes on the bottom allow for safe drainage of liquid nitrogen or water. For use in mechanical freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks at temperature to -196°C.

2" Cardboard Cryo Box With 100 Place Divider
11.5 mm Cells
Box Dinemsions: 133 x 133 x 51 mm (5-1/4 x 5-1/4 x 2")

#R3027A: Cryo Storage Box $6.50
culture tube

Disposable, borosilicate glass, rimless, one-use culture tubes made of borosilicate glass.
Ordering Information: The three smallest sizes come in a dispenser pack and the larger sizes are bulk-packed.

Code Size (mm) Volume (ml) Unit Price
60826-825 10 x 75 4.0 Case of 1000 $79.00
60826-836 12 x 75 6.0 Case of 1000 $121.00
60826-847 13 x 100 10.0 Case of 1000 $133.00
60826-858 15 x 85 11.0 Case of 1000 $144.00
60826-869 16 x 100 15.0 Case of 1000 $179.00
60826-870 16 x 125 19.0 Case of 1000 $210.00
60826-880 16 x 150 23.0 Case of 1000 $285.00
60826-891 18 x 150 28.5 Case of 500 $183.00
60826-905 20 x 150 36.0 Case of 500 $244.00

test tube

Borosilicate glass, Tubes are well annealed, resistant to heat and chemically stable. Rims are fire polished. Particularly suited for use in bacteriological work. Repeated sterilization, wet or dry, does not cause clouding. With beaded rim and permanent white marking spot.

Code Size (mm) Volume (ml) Unit Price
60815-024 10 x 75 3.0 Pack of 72 $89.00
60815-046 12 x 75 5.0 Pack of 72 $89.00
60815-068 13 x 100 9.0 Pack of 72 $71.00
60815-104 15 x 125 14.0 Pack of 72 $119.00
60815-126 16 x 150 20.0 Pack of 72 $93.00
60815-148 18 x 150 27.0 Pack of 72 $139.00

test tube rack
Wire Racks, Epoxy-Coated:

These racks are ideal for test tube storage, incubation, and refrigeration. Large capacity racks are suitable for high volume test tube work. Coated with a heat-cured epoxy, these sturdy steel wire racks resist abrasion and withstand corrosion by organic solvents, salts, weak acids, or weak bases. These rectangular racks feature square holes, three tiers for tube support, and a wire-lined bottom. Color-coded to aid in identification. Racks withstand temperatures from -223 to 121°C. Autoclavable.

Epoxy coated racks are available in green, blue, yellow or orange. When ordering please specify color, tube size and No. of places (or format).

Discontinued when stock runs out

For Tube O.D. Format Places L x W x H (cm) Price
10–13 mm 6 x 12 72 20.5 x 11.3 x 6.4 $31.50
One Left - Green
20 mm 4 x 10 40 23.5 x 11.25 x 7.5 $46.50
25–30 mm 6 x 8 48 28.6 x 22.5 x 10.2 Discontinued