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dc20 compressor

-Replaceable brushes.
-Long-life diaphragm.
-Ball bearings.

This is an excellent value in an American-made, oilless, 12V compressor. This very popular DC air pump is great for mobile use, emergencies and even solar power applications. Specially designed for aquaculture, providing high volume at low pressure (10 psi max). Features ball bearing construction and low amp draw with replaceable diaphragms and brushes for extended life (brushes on motors wear out after about 2,000-3,000 hours of use).

DC20 will run for over six hours on a typical car battery. Includes 9" pigtail wires, two feet of 3/8" I.D. outlet hose and inlet filters. Additional housing is recommended for outdoor use. Six-month warranty.

#DC20: 12 Volt Single Diaphragm Compressor $595.00
#DC20RK: Repair Kit for DC20 $104.00

dc8 compressor

Want a basic, hard working, low-priced 12V pump? Take a look at these. Each pump comes with 12″ pigtails, 6″ of 3/8″ I.D. outlet hose and a plastic manifold for aquarium tubing. Designed without an air inlet filter. Not recommended for saltwater environment. Three-month warranty.

#DC8: 12 Volt Air Pump, 25 Watt $170.00
#DC15: 12 Volt Air Pump, 80 Watt $215.00

linear air pump

Sweetwater Linear II air pumps are designed for maximum efficiency, permit continuous operation, and are quiet. Applications include school rooms, pet stores and laboratories. Heavy-duty cast aluminum housing, 6 ft. power cords. All air pump models for outdoor use include reset safety switches. UL listed and CE approved. Made in USA. Three-year warranty (does not include filters nor diaphragms).
Standard features include:
-Oilless compressors require no lubrication
-Operate at 40-104°F (4.4-40°C)

*Repair Kits Include - diaphragms, heads and valves

Code Application Max Depth L x W X H Watts Outlet LPM @
SL14: Indoor 85″ 6″x5″x5″ 9 3/8″ 14 6 $356.00
SL24: Indoor 120″ 6″x5″x5″ 15 3/8″ 24 16 $387.00
SL56A: Outdoor 120″ 8″x5″x9″ 50 3/4″ 56 42 $588.00
SL94A: Outdoor 190″ 8″x5″x9″ 90 3/4″ 94 84 $690.00
SL190: Outdoor 190″ 11″x9″x10″ 190 3/4″ 250 226 $1573.00

#SL1424RK: *Repair Kit for SL14 and SL24 $95.00
#SL56ARK: *Repair Kit for SL56 $129.00
#SL94ARK: *Repair Kit for SL94 $249.00
#SL190RK: *Repair Kit for SL190 $439.00
#SL5694A: Air Filter Kit for SL56 and SL94 $11.25
#SL190A: Air Filter Kit for SL190 $23.25

air pump

Whitewater air compressors are designed for indoor use only. Outlet is 1/4″ barb; 115V/60 Hz with 6′ power cord. Six month warranty. Diaphragms typically last one year at the highest pressures, longer at lower pressures. Imported.

Code Watts
@ 2 PSI
Weight Replacement
LT11: 16 4 lbs $9.25 $125.50
LT15: 34 7 lbs $13.00 $178.50
LT19: 51 14 lbs $13.90 $241.00
LT24: 60 16 lbs $14.50 $333.00
LT26A: 105 18 lbs $15.30 $395.00
LT28A: 130 23 lbs $15.75 $485.00

economy bucket aerator

The Marina Battery Air Pump provides auxiliary air when your main air source fails. A reliable backup air source during household electrical power failures. It helps ensure that your fish stay comfortable and safe at all times. Ideal for transporting fish. Includes diffuser and 18" of tubing.

#MBAT: Economy Bait Bucket Aerator $25.50

bucket aerator

Aerates up to 8 gallons. Precision motor runs + - 85 hours on 2 alkaline D cell batteries, also runs on 1 battery.
Pumps 1.0 STL / minute. Impact water resistant case with neoprene seals and rubber booted switch.
Beryllium copper battery contacts for longer battery life. Weighted air stone with 30 inches of silicone air line tubing enclosed in pump.
Large adjustable stainless steel clip for attaching to any container. Dry Box (clam shell package designed to keep pump dry while in use).
Designed for fresh and saltwater use. Each pump individually tank tested to assure highest quality.

#DC5: Bait Bucket Aerator $45.00
#DC5-BX: Bait Bucket Aerators, Box of 4 $172.00

B11 aerator

This Battery Powered Air Pump is a powerful and versatile air pump that will aerate your aquarium during a power outage or when there is any interruption to your AC power. Can also be used for transporting fish or for use in temporary tanks. Penn-Plax - Silent Air B11 Series Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pumps, Single Outlet. Reliable and long lasting perfomance during a power outage. The bubbles come ON when the power goes off! Detects any loss of AC power and turns on automatically. Attractive and compact design fits almost anywhere. Requires two "D" size batteries (not included).

#B11: Back-Up Air Pump $34.00

air pump air pump

Lots of high-quality output at a low cost. The Silent Air series air pumps from Penn Plax® offer reliable, quiet operation. Each pump features separate compressors for each outlet, nonskid feet and mounting tabs for attaching to a wall with screws. Five-year limited warranty.
SA2: Rated up to 20 Gallons
SA4: Rated up to 55 Gallons

Discontinued when stock runs out

#SA2: 1 Outlet Air Pump 1 Remaining $24.50
#SA4: 2 Outlet Air Pump Discontinued

air pump

Hagen® air pumps are powerful, low in power consumption and economical in price.
Pumps are 115V, CSA-approved. Six-month warranty.
The Marina Air Pumps combine high performance output with quiet operation. They are a reliable source of air for increasing water movement and turbulence for proper oxygenation, and can also be used to operate items such as air stones, air curtains and air-actuated ornaments. The Marina 100 Air Pump has a single outlet, soft rubber feet which suppress vibration and it is ideal for aquariums 20 to 40 US gallons.
The Marina 200 Air Pump has two outlets soft rubber feet which suppress vibration and it is ideal for aquariums 35 to 60 US gallons.

#M100AP: Marine 100, .05 cfm $24.00
#M200AP: Marine 200, .05 cfm x 2 Outlets $29.50

air pump

2 Outlet Adjustable Air Pump. 71 GPH, 4 Watts, 120 Volt.
The Eco Air Supreme Air Pump is an excellent air pump for freshwater or saltwater aquariums and hydroponic systems that benefit from oxygenating water. Connecting this pump to an air stone (or stones with the use of an air manifold) will help you keep your water well-oxygenated, keeping plants happy and healthy. Oxygenating your water helps your plants absorb more nutrients while simultaneously strengthening their roots and preventing root rot. The EcoPlus Eco Air Supreme Air Pump runs quietly, never producing an excess of noise, and is designed for longevity and durability as well as functionality, making this pump a great fit for nearly any growing environment. Features an energy efficient, low power, and oil-free motor with a high output. These pumps are compact in size, composed of durable ABS plastic, and are backed by a one year manufacturer guarantee.
Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.46" x 9.92"

#ECOSAP2: EcoPlus Supreme Air Pump, 2 Outlets $49.00


Sweetwater Remote-Drive Regenerative blowers are just as reliable as Sweetwater motor-mounted electric blowers, and they offer the added benefits of variable performance and drive devices. They are designed to be bolted to a base and driven by belts. The power source can be an electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine or even hydro power. They are perfect for use in electrical emergencies or anywhere electric power is not available. Engine-driven blowers allow the user to vary performance by simply changing the engine speed or the pulley size. Inlet air filters and double groove blower pulleys (sheaves) are included. Rotation is clockwise as you face the blower shaft. One year warranty. Made in USA.
SD4 Shipping Weight is 30 lbs.

#SD4: Blower - 2.4″ Pulley, 1 Filters, Outlet Hose for Pipe 1.5″ $1270.00







All models will operate on both 50 and 60 cycle (Hz). At 50 Hz, both pressure and volume will be about 30 percent less than the 60 HZ.

3 Phase Note: Combination starters are not included, but strongly recommended. Local electrical codes prevail. Starting: The 3,450 rpm motors used on these regenerative blowers require about ten seconds to reach full speed. During this period, power draw is much higher than normal. See specifications for both starting watts and running watts. Use starting watts to size generators and use full load amps to size breakers. Ordering Information: Single phase blowers up to and including one hp are supplied with a power cord. To order 230V, add 230 after the part number, otherwise 115V will be shipped. All Sweetwater blowers come with inlet air filters and flexible pipe connectors as standard equipment. Three-year guarantee begins on date of shipment.

NEW FOR 2017: Inlet Kits, Outlet Kits and Power Cords are now optional and sold separately.


Code CFM Air in Inches Water Max Duty HP Phase Running Watts @ Inches Water Voltage Full Load Amps Outlet Hose Weight Price
20″ 30″ 40″ 50″
S31-A: 34 28 21 16 56″ 1/2 1 471/30″ 115 5.6/115 1.5″ 36 lbs $907.00
S31-B: 34 28 21 16 56″ 1/2 1 471/30″ 230 2.8/230 1.5″ 36 lbs $907.00
S41-A: 70 65 53 36 58″ 1 1 971/40″ 115 9.8/115 1.5″ 50 lbs $1091.00
S41-B: 70 65 53 36 58″ 1 1 971/40″ 230 4.9/230 1.5″ 50 lbs $1091.00
S45-AB: 110 100 90 80 65″ 1-1/2 1 1430/40″ 115/230 10.4/230 2″ 77 lbs $1459.00
S51-AB: 135 120 110 100 65″ 2-1/2 1 1760/40″ 115/230 11.9/230 2″ 87 lbs $1595.00

Blower The blower has only one moving part: a dynamically balanced impeller that is attached directly to the motor shaft. The rotating impeller doesn't touch a thing, so there's no wear, no vibration, no seals and no lubrication. The aluminum blower housing, impeller, and cover make major components inherently corrosion resistant promoting extended product life. High altitude will affect blower performance; deduct 4% of volume and pressure for every 1,000' (300 m) above sea level. The 3,450-rpm motors used on these regenerative blowers require about ten seconds to reach full speed. Use starting watts to size generators and use full load amps to size breakers.

UL-, CSA- and CE-compliant, direct-drive, TEFC motors feature permanently sealed ball bearings for increased protection against weather, dirt and moisture, particularly in a humid aquaculture environment. These high-efficiency type motors will run cool and handle a wide range of power variations so often found in rural locations. Permanently sealed bearings incorporate polyurea grease which extends bearing life and offers superior resistance to washout, rust and corrosion. Thermal over load protection protects motor windings from damage should the blower become stalled during operation. Additionally, thermal over load protection switches automatically reset when single-phase motor windings cool down to a safe level of operation.

Optional Inlet and Outlet Kits
Inlet filter kit features low- restriction, washable air filters, PVC elbow and pipe. Outlet kit includes flexible hose simplifying installation, stainless steel clamps and galvanized or PVC nipple. Kits sold separately.

#S31-IN: Inlet for S31-A or S31-B $105.00
#S41-IN: Inlet for S41-A or S41-B $104.00
#S51-IN: Inlet for S45AB or S51-AB $165.00
#S31-OUT: Outlet for S31-A or S31-B $48.00
#S41-OUT: Outlet for S41-A or S41-B $47.00
#S51-OUT: Outlet for S45AB or S51-AB $58.00

Optional Power Cords
115V and 230V, 8' 14/3 gauge, 3-prong power cords sold separately (115V cord installed on models S31-A and S41-A).

#P1158B: Optional Power Cord for S45-AB or S51-AB $24.15

- Oil-less operation ensures discharge air remains free of contamination
- Very few moving parts and no wear parts minimize downtime and lessen operating noise levels
- Mounts in any plane providing flexibility when mounting/integrating the blower into a system
- Simple to maintain - wash the inlet air filters as needed and replace the motor bearings after three years of continuous operation



We offer both the traditional agitators and the bubble aspirator style. Each has a high-impact nylon basket, continuous-duty motor and a one-year warranty.

A5: Heavy-duty 12VDC agitator draws 5 amps and is often used on hauling trucks by installing it in a 4" hole in the tank top. A shaft spinner on the top shows the driver it's working. The A5: is also available in the bubble aspirating style (A6):.

A7: 115VAC (60 Hz) agitator is normally suspended above the water by its hanging ring. It's a heavy-duty unit with automatic thermal overload protection and an 8' power cord. (A9): uses the same motor but is the aspirator style.

Use of a GFCI is recommended with 115V. Made in USA.

A5: Agitator, 12V, 5.0 Amp Draw, 9" Height, Weighs 9 lbs
A6: Aspirator, 12V, 4.0 Amp Draw, 15" Height, Weighs 6 lbs
A7: Agitator, 115V, 1.5 Amp Draw, 9" Height, Weighs 10 lbs
A9: Aspirator, 115V, 1.5 Amp Draw, 14-3/4" Height, Weighs 7 lbs

#A5: Agitator, 12V, 9" Height $420.00
#A6: Aspirator, 12V, 15" Height $475.00
#A7: Agitator, 115V, 9" Height $347.00
#A9: Aspirator, 115V, 14-3/4" Height $475.00