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soil tube

A 12" galvanized steel sampler with a 1" core diameter, saw-toothed tip, and cut-away side for examination of core prior to removal for testing.

#1055: 12" Soil Sampler $44.50

small soil tube

Use wherever a small core size is desirable; 3/8" diameter, 6" depth (1 x 15 cm). Brass handle doubles as a plunger for core removal.

#1159: Small Soil Sampler $76.00

soil sample bags

These 6" x 4" plastic zipper top bags have instructions for collection and preparation of soil samples printed clearly on each bag. By preventing contamination or accidental mixing of different sample, these convenient soil bags help insure accurate test results.

#0615-J: Soil Sample Bags, Pkg/100 $68.00

soil ph meter

Determine on-the-spot soil pH and moisture percentages with this simple to operate, precision meter. A sensitive electrode measures pH values from 3.5 to 8, soil moisture from 0 to 100%. Requires no chemical, distilled water, or outside electric power source. 6.5" in length. Leather-like case with belt loop and full instructions, included. pH Accuracy: 0.2. Moisture Accuracy: 10%.

#94302: Soil pH Meter $175.00
#94304: Kelway Replacement Conditioning Film, 12 sheets $18.95

brass sieve

brass sieve


These precision sieves feature heavy gauge brass frames and extended bottoms which are drawn from a single piece of brass and have no seams. The stainless steel mesh is soldered onto the frame and bottom. A multi-step manufacturing process ensures that all pieces are assembled together to form a seamless bond, resulting in no material loss between the mesh and frame. The sieves stack together easily. Meet ASTM - E11, ANSI, ISO, and NBS specifications. All sieves are 2"H x 8" diameter.

#BFS-5IN: 8" Brass Sieves, with 5" Stainless Steel Mesh
Discontinued when stock runs out - 1 remaining
#BFS-4: 8" Brass Sieves, with #4 (4.75mm / 0.187") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-10: 8" Brass Sieves, with #10 (2.00mm / 0.0787") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-14: 8" Brass Sieves, with #14 (1.40mm / 0.0555") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-18: 8" Brass Sieves, with #18 (1.00mm / 0.0394") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-25: 8" Brass Sieves, with #25 (710um / 0.0278") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-35: 8" Brass Sieves, with #35 (500um / 0.0197") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-40: 8" Brass Sieves, with #40 (425um / 0.0165") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-45: 8" Brass Sieves, with #45 (355um / 0.0139") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-60: 8" Brass Sieves, with #60 (250um / 0.0098") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-80: 8" Brass Sieves, with #80 (180um / 0.0070") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-100: 8" Brass Sieves, with #100 (150um / 0.0059") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-120: 8" Brass Sieves, with #120 (125um / 0.0049") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-140: 8" Brass Sieves, with #140 (106um / 0.0041") Stainless Steel Mesh $89.00
#BFS-170: 8" Brass Sieves, with #170 (90um / 0.0035") Stainless Steel Mesh $95.00
#BFS-230: 8" Brass Sieves, with #230 (63um / 0.0025") Stainless Steel Mesh $145.00
#BFS-270: 8" Brass Sieves, with #270 (53um / 0.0021") Stainless Steel Mesh $165.00
#BFS-325: 8" Brass Sieves, with #325 (45um / 0.0017") Stainless Steel Mesh $209.00
#BFS-COV: 8" Brass Sieves Cover $31.00
#BFS-PAN: 8" Brass Sieves Pan $38.00

sieve set

These economical sieves feature stainless steel mesh and steel frames. The set of six sieves includes the following mesh sizes: 5 (4,000 micron), 10 (2,000 micron), 35 (500 micron), 60 (250 micron), 120 (125 micron), and 230 (63 micron). Includes lid and catch pan. Sieve Diameter: approximately 7".

#63636-SSM: Steel Sieve Set $192.00

3 inch sieve

3″ diameter for greater portability. 1-3/4″ high with a 1″ depth to mesh.

#BMS-10B: 3″ Sieve, #10 Mesh 2 mm) $62.00
#BMS-18B: 3″ Sieve, #18 Mesh (1.0 mm) $62.00
#BMS-30B: 3″ Sieve, #30 Mesh (600 micron) $62.00
#BMS-35B: 3″ Sieve, #35 Mesh (500 micron) $62.00
#BMS-60B: 3″ Sieve, #60 Mesh (250 micron) $62.00
#BMS-100B: 3″ Sieve, #100 Mesh (150 micron) $62.00
#BMS-140B: 3″ Sieve, #140 Mesh (106 micron) $62.00
#BMS-270B: 3″ Sieve, #270 Mesh (53 micron) $62.00
#BMS-PAN: 3″ Brass Bottom Pan $27.00
#BMS-COV: 3″ Brass Cover $23.00

sieve set

Used to separate and grade samples, these sets are great for students. S548 includes six interlocking sieves with plastic frames and graduated, stainless steel wire screens; a solid container at the bottom and a snap-on lid (US Bureau of Standards mesh sizes 5, 10, 35, 60, 120 and 230). Weighs 3.25 lbs. S3076 consists of four high-impact plastic sieves, with graduated mesh sizes (5, 10, 60 and 230), solid container at the bottom, and lid. Weighs 2.5 lbs. Sieves measure 6-3/4″ x 3″.

#S3076: 4 Sieve Set $119.00
#S548: 6 Sieve Set $149.00

rock pick

• Forged handle and head
• Cushion grip for extra comfort
• Lightweight rock pick hammer.
• Fully polished solid steel with the Estwing shock absorbing nylon-vinyl grip.

#E3-14P: Rock Pick 11" Long, 14 oz $46.00
#E3-22P: Rock Pick 13" Long, 22 oz $48.00

globe soil book

This water-resistant soil book features a unique "waterfall" page design with each of the 208 extra-large color samples stripe-coated across the page for easy comparison to soil samples, while also preserving the three-dimensional color order throughout the book. Features 8 hues (7.5R - 5Y), 23 Gley colors, a soil structure ruler, and diagrams and instructions for determining soil color, structure, texture, consistence, and free carbonates. Constructed of water-resistant, non-paper stock. Chart may be exposed to moisture and cleaned after use without damage. Page sizes vary according to "waterfall" effect: 2", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", 2-3/4". Color stripe size: approx. 11/16" wide.

#77369: Globe Soil Color Book $115.00

munsell soil charts

This revised edition features the same colors available in previous books plus additional color charts. Included are a 10Y and 5GY soil chart for glauconite soils, a 5R soil chart for Australia and Southeast Asia, and a 7.5R soil chart for tropical and semi-tropical soils. A Munsell high value, low chroma "white" page shows half steps from 8.5 to 9.5 in value with chromas of 1 and 2 for N, 7.5YR, 10YR, and 2.5Y. Use this page to describe carbonate, silica, gypsum, and soluble salt precipitates and evaporites common to arid and semi-arid environments as well as very light-colored parent materials such as diatomaceous earth and volcanic ash. The book's light gray pages decrease sun glare. The color chips are recessed into each water-resistant page to allow dirt and debris to be wiped off easily with less effect on the color chips. 2009 Revised Edition. Chart Size: 6" x 8"

#77321: Munsell Soil Color Charts $274.00

munsell rock charts

This new edition is a revision of the previously published Geological Society of America (GSA) Rock-Color Chart prepared by the Rock-Color Chart Committee. Included are 115 color chips with the Munsell numerical designation for identifying the range of rock colors. Works with either wet or dry specimens. Excellent for describing the color of medium to fine-grained rocks. Also helpful when working with coarse-grained rocks. A neutral mask is included for isolating individual colors. Loose leaf binder. 2009 Revised Washable Edition. Page Dimensions: 4-3/8" x 7-1/4". Binder Dimensions: 6" x 7-3/4" x 1".

#77333: Munsell Geological Rock Color Charts $121.00


This handheld device - also known as a gravel template and pebble meter - is used to grade or measure gravel and small cobble-sized bed sediments in the field. Constructed of 1/8" aluminum, it has 14 square holes of common sieve sizes (1/2-phi unit classes) ranging from 2 mm to 180 mm. Scale (in 10 mm increments) along one side can be used to measure up to 310 mm. 13.5 x 11" (342.9 mm x 279.4 mm). Wt. 0.62 lbs.

#53250: Gravelometer Field Sieve $71.00

Sand Chart

Pocket-sized folder enables the field geologist to quickly and accurately identify grain size and shape, grain sorting, roundness, and sphericity of a sample. Consists of sphericity/roundness measuring chart; printed examples of well-sorted and poorly-sorted grain samples in fine, medium, and coarse ranges; four actual grain samples illustrating angular, subangular, subrounded, and rounded shapes; six grain size samples: silt, very fine sand, fine sand, medium sand, coarse sand, and very coarse sand. Measurement limits for granules, pebbles, cobbles, and boulders indicated.

#77332: Sand Grain Sizing Chart $10.80



The Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles, a full colour, laminated, accordion folded, easy to use guide with over 80 beautiful photographs of pebbles from beaches and rivers. Use the photos to identify over 28 different types of rocks and minerals. The short text deals with how rocks form and how to tell if a rock is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic.
Dimensions (when folded) 9" x 4.5"

#BK-FGIP: Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles $8.75

Soil Thermometer

Reads from 20°F to 180°F and 0°C to 80°C.
Graduated every 5°F, every 10°C.
2-1/2" Dial.
4" Stainless steel stem.

#89028: Soil Thermometer $15.95