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Stainless steel sampler designed for use on soft (sand or silt). A simple trigger holds the sampler open while lowering to cover uniform area. Scissor design closes sampler, retrieving volume of sediment to the surface. 3″ x 3″ x 7.5″ sampler. 5 lbs.

#1097: LaMotte Bottom Sampler $292.00


Use for obtaining samples from river, stream, or lake bottoms. Works best in soft, silty, vegetation-free bottoms. Unique of sample chamber lid and jaw assembly release mechanism offers not only positive action when activated, but also helps to reduce instability and frontal shock wave effects when lowered rapidly. 6″ x 6″ x 6″ deep sample diameter. 316 stainless steel dredge construction, plus stainless steel springs and cables. Enclosed rip release mechanism. Use 11 oz. messenger. 10 lbs. Kit includes: grab, case, line and messenger. Extension handle replaces messenger in shallow water.

#196-B15: Ekman Bottom Grab $595.00
#196-B12: Ekman Bottom Grab Kit $789.00
#196-F30: 5′ Ekman Extension Handle $367.50
#SBK2: Replacement Messenger, Split $85.00
#910-G22: Replacement Case $118.50
#197-B15: Replacement Scoop Springs, Pkg/2 $52.50
#196-F35: Replacement Cables, Pkg/2 $70.50


Designed to take all types of benthos sediments on all varieties of bottoms, except those of the hardest clay. When the jaws contact the bottom they obtain a good penetration with very little sample disturbance. Can be used in both fresh and salt water. A unique closing mechanism releases upon striking the lake or ocean floor. A "safety pin" prevents accidental closing in handling or during transport. Top surfaces are covered with a stainless steel screen to reduce shock waves and drift, and also help to prevent bottom sediments and organisms from escaping. 6″ x 6″ (145 cubic inches). Stainless steel scoops are at 90 degrees. One of the tapered jaws is equipped with an underlip for wiping free stones and gravel. Sideplates prevent loss of sediments and organisms when jaws close. Weighs 25 lbs.

#1728-G30: Ponar Grab, Petite $1349.00
#1728-G32: Ponar Grab, Petite with Case $1439.00
#1728-G40: Ponar Grab, Petite All 316 Stainless $1605.00
#1728-G42: Ponar Grab, Petite All 316 Stainless w/ Case $1695.00
#1728-G36: Replacement Screens, Set/2 $179.00
#1728-L12: Replacement Locking Pin and Chain $89.00


Stainless steel messengers are weights that slide down a line, strike a pad, and cause a sampler to open or close. Split messengers can slip on or off the line (1/8″ to 1/4″) anywhere. Solid messengers are threaded on the line at the end. Weight: 11 oz.

#SBK2: Split Messenger $85.00
#SBK3: Solid Messenger $66.00

sampling outfit

Includes: Stainless steel bottom sampling dredge (1097), plankton net (1063), sounding lead and calibrated line (1064-G), armored thermometer (1600), water sampling bottle (1054), Forel-Ule color comparator kit (5907), and white secchi disk (1062). All components store in a single, foam-lined 14″ x 12″ x 7″ hinged plastic carrying case for easy transport and convenient storage.

#1069-01: Marine Science Sampling & Measurement Outfit $699.00

sampling outfit

Designed for use where Secchi disk readings are not feasible. Dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and turbidity can be measured. Turbidity is measured by using a standardized turbidity reagent to match the turbidity of a water sample.

Factor Method Range Sensitivity
Dissolved Oxygen DRT 0-10 ppm 0.1 ppm increments
Temperature Thermometer -5 to 45°C 0.5°C increments
pH 2 Octet Comparators pH 3.0 to 10.5 0.5 increments
Turbidity Drop Count 0-200 JTU 5 JTU increments

#5854-02: Shallow Water Testing Outfit $329.00
#R-5854-01: Shallow Water Testing Outfit Refill $78.50

sampling outfit

Designed for use in tidal waters. Dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, turbidity and salinity can be measured. Turbidity is measured by "Secchi Depth", using a 20 cm diameter, black and white secchi disk and calibrated line. The kit includes a hydrometer and clear plastic hydrometer jar for salinity measurement from 0 to 43 ppt.

Factor Method Range Sensitivity
Dissolved Oxygen DRT 0-10 ppm 0.1 ppm increments
Temperature Thermometer -5 to 45°C 0.5°C increments
pH 2 Octet Comparators pH 3.0 to 10.5 0.5 increments
Secchi Depth Secchi Disk 0-20 m 0.5 m increments
Salinity Hydrometer 1.0000 to 1.0700 SG
0.0 ppt to 43.6 ppt Salinity
0.0005 increments
0.1 ppt increments

#5857-01: Tidal Water Testing Outfit $519.00
#R-5857-01: Tidal Water Testing Outfit Refill $65.50

sampling outfit

Designed for use in deep waters. Dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, and turbidity can be measured. Turbidity is measured by "Secchi Depth", using a 20 cm diameter, black and white secchi disk and calibrated line.

Factor Method Range Sensitivity
Dissolved Oxygen DRT 0-10 ppm 0.1 ppm increments
Temperature Thermometer -5 to 45°C 0.5°C increments
pH 2 Octet Comparators pH 3.0 to 10.5 0.5 increments
Secchi Depth Secchi Disk 0-20 m 0.5 m increments

#5855-01: Deep Water Testing Outfit $419.00
#R-5855: Deep Water Testing Outfit Refill $65.50

sampling kit

Ideal for water sampling at any depth, zooplankton collections, and secchi disc transparency measurements. Kit includes: clear polycarbonate 1.0 liter water sampler, 200g messenger, 20 cm limnological secchi disk; armored thermometer (liquid spirit filled, -5°C to +40°C in 0.5° increments); student plankton net (20 cm diameter x 60 cm length x 153 m); three 20.0m nylon cords, line reels, plastic carrying case, and instructions.

Available with horizontal or vertical water sampling bottle.

#77907: Water Sampler Kit with Vertical Bottle $799.00


Used to determine turbidity or degree of visibility in natural waters. The 20 cm (8″) diameter discs come with 3/4 lb lead weights. Calibrated line is 20 meters in length.

Black and white or all white models

#171: Black & White Disk w/o Line $42.00
#171-CL: Black & White Disk w/ Line $85.00
#1062: All White Disk w/o Line Discontinued


Constructed of white high density polyethylene, this 51 cm (20″) diameter disk comes with stainless steel hardware, built-in 5 lb. lead sounding weight, 20.0m nylon cord, and reel.

#77915: Oceanographic Secchi Disk $265.00


This 20 meter, braided, stretch-resistant line has a brass spring clip for easy attachment to samplers, secchi discs, plankton nets or sounding leads. The line wraps conveniently around an ethafoam block which prevents accidental loss.

#1065: 20 Meter Calibrated Line $62.00
#1064-G: 20 Meter Line with Weight $83.00
#1068: Sounding Weight Only $39.00


The round Hester-Dendy are used for substrate sampling of micro-invertebrate organisms found in bottoms of rivers, streams, lakes, etc. The sampler contains 14 water resistant tempered masonite plates that are smooth on both sides. The plates are 75 mm diameter and are separated by 8 single spacers, 1 double spacer , 2 triple spacers and 2 quadruple spacers. Weighs 2 lbs

#77266: Hester-Dendy Sampler $45.50

wash bucket

For Littoral Samples. Made of extra heavy-duty plastic with molded pouring spout and heavy chromed handle. Bottom is stainless wire cloth 595 micron (#30 mesh) reinforced with a stainless steel plate with 1/2" drainage holes. Sturdy stainless ring helps maintain circular shape. 12" dia. x 8" deep. Three-gallon (12-liter) capacity..

#WB2: Wash Bucket $158.00


Use this 26″ viewer to view secchi disc readings and observe aquatic plant and animal life. Innovative design eliminates surface glare and internal reflection. Consistent viewing parameters, regardless of environmental conditions, are possible with this units black interior, flotation collar, neoprene viewing mask, and handle. Constructed of crush-resistant tube.

#US26: Aquascope II $129.00

flow meter

These compact, mechanical flow meters are designed for measuring flow in lakes, rivers, canals, estuaries, sewage outfalls, and offshore applications. They are ideal for determining water speed, volume, or distance. These general-purpose flow meters incorporate a precision-molded rotor coupled directly to a six-digit counter that registers each revolution of the rotor and displays it similar to an odometer (up to 999,999 equal to approximately 14.5 nautical miles). The counter is located within the body of the instrument and is displayed through the clear plastic housing. Flow meters are properly balanced so they maintain a horizontal position when suspended by a towing line. After completing each sampling, simply remove the meter and record the reading and time. By subtracting the first reading from the second, the average speed over a given sampling time can be calculated. Each flow meter measures 8-3/8″ long, 1-9/16″ in diameter and includes 18″ of tow line and a stainless steel connecting axle pin. High-speed impeller measures from 10 cm/sec. to 790 cm/sec. and Low-speed from 6 to 100 cm/sec.

Optional Wading Rod for the G.O. Flow Meter. This telescoping pole extends from 3′ to 9′ and has a stainless steel swivel fitting. Ideal for measuring flow in hard to reach places.

#203001: High Speed Flow Meter $647.00
#203002: Low Speed Flow Meter $674.00
#203007: Wading Rod $189.00
#203021: Replacement High Speed Rotor (Small) $79.00
#203026: Replacement Low Speed Rotor (Large) $119.00
#2030-006: Replacement Nose Cone $102.00